Tuesday, June 1, 2010

psychological personality types

basically there are 4 opposite pairs of preferences which defines 8 different ways of dealing with information. and as a result there are 16 psychological types;

ENTp (the inventor) , ISFp (the peacemaker), ESFj (The Enthusiast), INTj (The Analyst), ENFj (the actor), ISTj (The Pragmatist), ESTp (The Conqueror), INFp (The Romantic), ESFp (The Ambassador), INTp (The Observer), ENTj (The Pioneer), ISFj (The Guardian), ESTj (The Director), INFj (The Empath), ENFp (The Reporter) and ISTp (The Artisan).

E - Extrovert, I - Introvert, S - Sensing, N - Intuitive, T - Thinking, F - Feeling, j - Judging, p - Perceiving.

People can be either Extroverts or Introverts, depending on the direction of their activity; Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, Intuitive, according to their own information pathways; Judging or Perceiving, depending on the method in which they process received information.

  • are interested in what is happening around them
  • are open and often talkative
  • compare their own opinions with the opinions of others
  • like action and initiative
  • easily make new friends or adapt to a new group
  • say what they think
  • are interested in new people
  • easily break unwanted relations
  • are interested in their own thoughts and feelings
  • need to have own territory
  • often appear reserved, quiet and thoughtful
  • usually do not have many friends
  • have difficulties in making new contacts
  • like concentration and quiet
  • do not like unexpected visits and therefore do not make them
  • work well alone
Sensing types
  • see everyone and sense everything
  • live in the here and now
  • quickly adapt to any situation
  • like pleasures based on physical sensation
  • are practical and active
  • are realistic and self-confident
Intuitive types
  • are mostly in the past or in the future
  • worry about the future more than the present
  • are interested in everything new and unusual
  • do not like routine
  • are attracted more to the theory than the practice
  • often have doubts
Thinking types
  • are interested in systems, structures, patterns
  • expose everything to logical analysis
  • are relatively cold and unemotional
  • evaluate things by intellect and right or wrong
  • have difficulties talking about feelings
  • do not like to clear up arguments or quarrels
Feeling types
  • are interested in people and their feelings
  • easily pass their own moods to others
  • pay great attention to love and passion
  • evaluate things by ethics and good or bad
  • can be touchy or use emotional manipulation
  • often give compliments to please people
Perceiving types
  • act impulsively following the situation
  • can start many things at once without finishing them properly
  • prefer to have freedom from obligations
  • are curious and like a fresh look at things
  • work productivity depends on their mood
  • often act without any preparation
Judging types
  • do not like to leave unanswered questions
  • plan work ahead and tend to finish it
  • do not like to change their decisions
  • have relatively stable workability
  • easily follow rules and discipline
source : socionics.com
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomas Cup

the Thomas Cup or also known as World Men Team Championship which held in Malaysia this year just finish with China team win the title again. for the 8 time. the runner-up is Indonesia. this championship consider as the biggest event besides other prestigious tournament such as All-England and BWF World Championship. basically in this tournament, this 3 country; China, Indonesia and Malaysia were the only countries had won the title. Indonesia lead with 13 time, followed by China (8) and Malaysia (5). Denmark, Korea, Thailand and United State are the countries which had made to final match but never won. ironically Denmark is the country which mostly appeared in final stage of tournament.

anyway let see some trivia about this championship;

Why it name Thomas?
-the championship is an idea from Sir George Alan Thomas, a English badminton player.

When and where it 1st held and who win the very 1st title?
-1949, England and Malaya win against Denmark. there are 10 teams and Malaya is the only participant from Pacific.

who can participate in this championship?
-member nation of Badminton World Federation which currently separate into 5 zone (Asian, African, Europe, Oceania and Pan America)

the team
-the format had change for several time. start from 1984 each team had 3 singles players and 2 doubles teams.

anyway congratulation to China men team for the victory and to Korean women team for Uber Cup championship. personally i anticipating the women final more since China had won the title 6 time in a row since 1998 so i want to see if they still can't be defeated. and well yeah Korean had take the crown from China this time.
My favorite player ever, China women player, to be exact Zhang Ning, 2 times Olympic gold medalist. for men i like Rexy Mainaky from Indonesia Olympic double team medalist. and yeah both of them already retired and ironically me myself also doesn't watch the game so much anymore.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

chess grandmaster

do you play chess? actually i cant remember when is the last time i play chess with people. play with computer maybe easy but it doesnt bring the real feeling. even though i dont play with any strategies but when i mess up with my little sister and brother strategies it fun. and it not a surprise if i beat them coz they lost when it come to psychology.
anyway here are some basic info about chess;

-a board game play by 2 player
-chessboard has 64box (8x8 grid)
-the pieces are a king, a queen, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops and 8 pawns.
-the objective is to checkmate the other king (checkmate is when opponents king can not move or defend from a attack)

in early year this game was mostly played by men. this is because it was widely believed that female brains werent wired with adequate spatial awareness for the game. but it doesnt mean there are no world class woman chess play. more over woman also can be a grandmaster. grandmaster is the highest title/ranking a chess player can attain.
one of female grandmaster whom i admire most is Susan Polgar. She was the first woman to earn the title of grandmaster in regular competition. and her sister Judit Polgar also become a grandmaster when she is 15 year old. what i admire about them is they are not just play chess in all woman competition. they also beat some high ranking man chess player even the world ranking player when they are only teen. and the best part is when Susan show how she play chess over a mobile phone (the opponent sit in front the board but she is somewhere else). she also can recreate a chess game glimpsed only on a side of passing van. it so cool of her and made me thinking how a 4 year old girl can play all this strategies and tactics. and the answer is genius are made not born.

Friday, April 2, 2010

the ...wood industry

the -wood. it not just ordinary wood. not the wood which contain woods.forest.timber.trees. it about glamorous world. of course it not about Tiger Wood.
it start as a name of a district in LA, California. Then became a center for entertainment and film industry. Hollywood. is more than just a city. it a word which is use when people talk about American cinema. it about glamorous.fame.prestige.

"Hollywood's a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents"
Marilyn Monroe

if Hollywood for American English movie, then there is Bollywood. the film industry for Hindi language film industry. unlike Hollywood there is no city specially name Bollywood. this film industry is based in Mumbai, India. it became one of the largest film industry in the world when India overtook America as largest film producer in 1970.

and how about Mollywood?Kollywood?Lollywood?Tollywood? they may refer to South asia film industry. Mollywood for Malayalam, Kollywood for Tamil, Lollywood for Pakistan and Tollywood for Telegu. and there are others film industry in south asian with no -wood name. no wonder India became world largest film producer as 1000 or more films were produce annually. Malaysia?10 films?

here i want to share some of my favorite actors and actress from both film industry along with their best performance movie (from my view);

Hollywood (American):

Sandra Bullock ( the Blind Side, the Proposal )
Meryl Streep ( Mamma Mia, Devil Wears Prada, Julie & Julia )
Reese Witherspoon ( Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama )
Katherine Heigl ( 27 Dresses, Grey's Anatomy series )

Johnny Depp ( Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Edward Scissorshands, Sweeney Todd )
Robin Williams ( Patch Adams, License to Wed )
George Clooney ( Ocean-11,12, 13, Up in the Air )
Brad Pitt ( Meet Joe Black, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button )


Preity Zinta ( Kal Ho Naa Ho, Salaam Namaste, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna )
Rani Mukerji ( Hum Tum, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai )
Madhuri Dixit ( Dil To Pagal Hai, Devdas )
Aishwarya Rai ( Taal, Devdas, Dhoom 2 )

Shah Rukh Khan ( Mohabbatien, Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Devdas )
Saif Ali Khan ( Kal Ho Naa Ho, Hum Tum )
Jackie Shroff ( Yadien, Devdas )
Anil Kapoor ( Taal, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai )

and from others film industry.


Chatherine Zeta-Jones ( the Mask of Zorro, No Reservation, Ocean Twelve )
Julie Andrews ( Marry Poppins, The Princess Diaries 1&2 )
Keira Knightley ( Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride & Prejudice )

Christian Bale ( Batman Begins, The Dark Night, the Prestige )
Hugh Grant ( Music & Lyrics, Notting Hill)
Jason Statham ( the Transporter-1,2&3, Death Race )

Hong Kong/China/Taipei;

Shu Qi ( So Close, My Wife is a Gangster 3, Love Me Love My Money )
Maggie Cheung ( Police Story, All's Well Ends Well )
Cecilia Cheung ( Para Para Sakura, Fly Me to Polaris )
Sammy Cheng ( Needing You, Summer Holidays )

Tony Leung ( Love Me Love My Money, Infernal Affairs )
Aaron Kwok ( Para Para Sakura, And i Hate You So )
Andy Lau ( Needing You, the Warlords, Look for a Star )
Takeshi Kaneshiro ( Turn Left Turn Right, the Warlords)

and Malaysia.

Nasha Aziz ( Laila Isabella, Buli, Sepi )
Vanida Imran ( Perempuan Melayu Terakhir, Sepi )
Nur Fazura ( Pisau Cukur, Gol & Gincu )

Aflin Shauki ( Buli, Soal Hati, Sumolah)
Syafie Naswip ( Mukhsin, Talentime )

Monday, March 8, 2010

strawberry is not a berry

which is more weird, people who doesn't love strawberry or people who say strawberry is not a berry. in most common way, both are weird but still its true when we did understand the fact.

according to study whoever doesn't love this heart shape fruit is 'weird, boring, stuffy picky, and fussy eater who avoid healthy food'. yes its more than just the taste, but its weird because all knew strawberry is a good fruit. even animals love strawberry because they can see the red color from far.so why we doesn't love good thing. but who did, people always love bad thing.

even there is word berry after straw, but for botanist, strawberry is not a true berry. these 'straws of berries' actually belong to the genus in rose family known as Fragaria. maybe that why strawberry is red. no its not because the red color but because the way it smell. that why a modern word for strawberry in Italy is 'fragola' derive from old latin word for fragrant.

but why we bother to call it strawberry if it not a berry? well it just technically just like peanut is not a nut. this is because by definition, berry is a simple fruit having seeds and pulp produced from a single ovary; but strawberry seeds is outside (the dry and yellow) which technically mean the fruit not from ovary but from the receptacle that hold the ovaries - it is botanical language. however in everyday english, berry is a term for any small edible fruit. but still not all berries need berry at the end of it name. just like grape and currant. and for additional info, banana, tomato and watermelon also the true berries - of cos in botanical language.

anyway it just the matter of language. what more important is the fact that it is one of healthiest fruit choice which contain high vitamin C, flavonoids (good for cancer fighting), pottasium, fiber, etc. it can be consumed fresh or frozen or dried or preserved, juice, pie ,etc.

because of that we are allowed to eat this heart-seed-berry as much as we can and of cos when it fresh not when it dipped in dark chocolate or sugar/honey coated or 'shake' in fullcream-milkshake. u know, strawberry will stay healthy even more tasty but with the chocolate,sugar,honey,fullcream milk are we stay healthy? we need to think it twice, the taste is yummy but are we fighting the cancer and welcoming the diabetic, obesity, etc or we don't care because we just love it, fresh or not. its normal right to love it that way.

Friday, March 5, 2010

coconut water

the liquid inside young coconut. 100% of pure coconut water (no sugar and additive) with the tender-almost-gel-meat really tastes good when chilled. some fact we should know;

- it is a superfood which naturally filled more electrolytes than most sports drink and more potassium than banana.
-low in calories and high in digestive qualities. It’s been found to help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.
-its nutrient content also believe give us glowing skin and if a pregnant woman drink it the baby maybe come out brighter.
-since coconut water can be drank unprocessed, it really save the world from carbon dioxide emission which come from processing and packaging.
-the water also vary in flavor. the Brazilian have mild taste while Indian and Bangladeshi coconut tend to be sweet.

it is really good to drink this cool beverage and it is easy to find.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

top 10 cities in europe

1. Firenze @ Florence, Italy

2. Roma @ Rome, Italy

3. Venizia @ Venice, Italy

4. Istanbul, Turkey

5. Krakow, Poland

6. Paris, France

7. Praha @ Prague, Czech

8. Siena, Italy

9. Sevilla, Spain

10. Barcelona, Spain

after see this list, i think i will go to Italy...in my dream...