Monday, March 8, 2010

strawberry is not a berry

which is more weird, people who doesn't love strawberry or people who say strawberry is not a berry. in most common way, both are weird but still its true when we did understand the fact.

according to study whoever doesn't love this heart shape fruit is 'weird, boring, stuffy picky, and fussy eater who avoid healthy food'. yes its more than just the taste, but its weird because all knew strawberry is a good fruit. even animals love strawberry because they can see the red color from why we doesn't love good thing. but who did, people always love bad thing.

even there is word berry after straw, but for botanist, strawberry is not a true berry. these 'straws of berries' actually belong to the genus in rose family known as Fragaria. maybe that why strawberry is red. no its not because the red color but because the way it smell. that why a modern word for strawberry in Italy is 'fragola' derive from old latin word for fragrant.

but why we bother to call it strawberry if it not a berry? well it just technically just like peanut is not a nut. this is because by definition, berry is a simple fruit having seeds and pulp produced from a single ovary; but strawberry seeds is outside (the dry and yellow) which technically mean the fruit not from ovary but from the receptacle that hold the ovaries - it is botanical language. however in everyday english, berry is a term for any small edible fruit. but still not all berries need berry at the end of it name. just like grape and currant. and for additional info, banana, tomato and watermelon also the true berries - of cos in botanical language.

anyway it just the matter of language. what more important is the fact that it is one of healthiest fruit choice which contain high vitamin C, flavonoids (good for cancer fighting), pottasium, fiber, etc. it can be consumed fresh or frozen or dried or preserved, juice, pie ,etc.

because of that we are allowed to eat this heart-seed-berry as much as we can and of cos when it fresh not when it dipped in dark chocolate or sugar/honey coated or 'shake' in fullcream-milkshake. u know, strawberry will stay healthy even more tasty but with the chocolate,sugar,honey,fullcream milk are we stay healthy? we need to think it twice, the taste is yummy but are we fighting the cancer and welcoming the diabetic, obesity, etc or we don't care because we just love it, fresh or not. its normal right to love it that way.

Friday, March 5, 2010

coconut water

the liquid inside young coconut. 100% of pure coconut water (no sugar and additive) with the tender-almost-gel-meat really tastes good when chilled. some fact we should know;

- it is a superfood which naturally filled more electrolytes than most sports drink and more potassium than banana.
-low in calories and high in digestive qualities. It’s been found to help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.
-its nutrient content also believe give us glowing skin and if a pregnant woman drink it the baby maybe come out brighter.
-since coconut water can be drank unprocessed, it really save the world from carbon dioxide emission which come from processing and packaging.
-the water also vary in flavor. the Brazilian have mild taste while Indian and Bangladeshi coconut tend to be sweet.

it is really good to drink this cool beverage and it is easy to find.