Thursday, April 15, 2010

chess grandmaster

do you play chess? actually i cant remember when is the last time i play chess with people. play with computer maybe easy but it doesnt bring the real feeling. even though i dont play with any strategies but when i mess up with my little sister and brother strategies it fun. and it not a surprise if i beat them coz they lost when it come to psychology.
anyway here are some basic info about chess;

-a board game play by 2 player
-chessboard has 64box (8x8 grid)
-the pieces are a king, a queen, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops and 8 pawns.
-the objective is to checkmate the other king (checkmate is when opponents king can not move or defend from a attack)

in early year this game was mostly played by men. this is because it was widely believed that female brains werent wired with adequate spatial awareness for the game. but it doesnt mean there are no world class woman chess play. more over woman also can be a grandmaster. grandmaster is the highest title/ranking a chess player can attain.
one of female grandmaster whom i admire most is Susan Polgar. She was the first woman to earn the title of grandmaster in regular competition. and her sister Judit Polgar also become a grandmaster when she is 15 year old. what i admire about them is they are not just play chess in all woman competition. they also beat some high ranking man chess player even the world ranking player when they are only teen. and the best part is when Susan show how she play chess over a mobile phone (the opponent sit in front the board but she is somewhere else). she also can recreate a chess game glimpsed only on a side of passing van. it so cool of her and made me thinking how a 4 year old girl can play all this strategies and tactics. and the answer is genius are made not born.

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