Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomas Cup

the Thomas Cup or also known as World Men Team Championship which held in Malaysia this year just finish with China team win the title again. for the 8 time. the runner-up is Indonesia. this championship consider as the biggest event besides other prestigious tournament such as All-England and BWF World Championship. basically in this tournament, this 3 country; China, Indonesia and Malaysia were the only countries had won the title. Indonesia lead with 13 time, followed by China (8) and Malaysia (5). Denmark, Korea, Thailand and United State are the countries which had made to final match but never won. ironically Denmark is the country which mostly appeared in final stage of tournament.

anyway let see some trivia about this championship;

Why it name Thomas?
-the championship is an idea from Sir George Alan Thomas, a English badminton player.

When and where it 1st held and who win the very 1st title?
-1949, England and Malaya win against Denmark. there are 10 teams and Malaya is the only participant from Pacific.

who can participate in this championship?
-member nation of Badminton World Federation which currently separate into 5 zone (Asian, African, Europe, Oceania and Pan America)

the team
-the format had change for several time. start from 1984 each team had 3 singles players and 2 doubles teams.

anyway congratulation to China men team for the victory and to Korean women team for Uber Cup championship. personally i anticipating the women final more since China had won the title 6 time in a row since 1998 so i want to see if they still can't be defeated. and well yeah Korean had take the crown from China this time.
My favorite player ever, China women player, to be exact Zhang Ning, 2 times Olympic gold medalist. for men i like Rexy Mainaky from Indonesia Olympic double team medalist. and yeah both of them already retired and ironically me myself also doesn't watch the game so much anymore.

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